About the Orange Terrace Inn of Macon

Many have said this property would make a lovely B&B. Presently, the historic zoning codes changed and now permits a B&B within the historic area. Yay! This single family, restored, stunning home has undergone NO changes, alterations etc. in order to become this small, B&B/Inn. It is still a single-family home and can be sold accordingly. There are now only two B&Bs in the City of Macon.

At the end of November, the Inn received notification that it is in the running to receive an award for one of the Best Bed and Breakfast’s worldwide, based on all of the Bed and Breakfast’s which utilizes the services of bedandbreakfast.com. Even if we do not win one of these prestigious and game-changing awards, we stand humbled we were considered  the qualifications are: have had at least 20 reviews, those reviews must have an average score of 4.5 out of 5 (the Inn’s over-all score was 4.8!!!!) and give a compelling reason why we should receive an award.  Our statement was simply: Being only months old, we follow the 1st golden rule.  Paraphrased it is: treat others with kindness, attentiveness and respect just as we ourselves want to be treated.  Uncomplicated.

We hope you make your reservations now and help us to continue growing by telling others about us and your incredible time with us.

Also, this property is  FOR SALE BY OWNER. Please visit Owners.com, Trulia.com, and Zillow.com for more details. If you ever wanted to own a B&B, or a large, single, family home at a great price, then look no further…

See you soon!

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